The Progression and Recovery of the Alcoholic in the Disease of Alcoholism (with Symptoms)

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1. Occasional relief drinking

2. Constant relief drinking commences

3. Increase in tolerance to alcohol

4. Onset of memory blackouts

5. Surreptitious drinking

6. Increasing dependency on alcohol

7. “Urgency” of the first glass

8. Feelings of guilt

9. Unable to discuss problem

10. Memory blackouts increase

11. Decrease of ability to stop drinking when others do so

12. Drinking bolstered with excuses

13. Grandiose and aggressive behaviour

14. Persistent remorse

15. Efforts to control fail repeatedly

16. Promises and resolutions fail

17. Tries geographical escapes

18. Loss of other interests

19. Family and friends avoided

20. Work and money troubles

21. Unreasonable resentments

22. Loss of ordinary will power

23. Tremors and early morning drinks

24. Neglect of food

25. Decrease in alcohol tolerance

26. Physical deterioration

27. Onset in lengthy intoxications

28. Moral deterioration

29. Impaired thinking

30. Drinking with inferiors

31. Indefinable fears

32. Unable to initiate action

33. Obsession with drinking

34. Vague spiritual desires

35. All alibis exhausted

36. Complete defeat admitted

34. Enlightened and interesting way of life opens up with road ahead to higher levels than ever before

33. Group therapy and mutual help continues

32. Increasing tolerance

31. Rationalizations recognized

30. Contentment in sobriety

29. Care of personal appearance

28. Confidence of employers

27. First steps towards economic stability

26. Increase of emotional control

25. Appreciation of real values

24. Facts faced with courage

23. Rebirth of ideals

22. New circle of stable friends

21. New interests develop

20. Family and friends appreciate efforts

19. Adjustment to family needs

18. Natural rest and sleep

17. Desire to escape goes

16. Realistic thinking

15. Return of self-esteem

14. Regular nourishment taken

13. Diminishing fears of the unknown future

12. Appreciation of possibilities of new way to life

11. Start of group therapy

10. Onset of new hope

9. Physical overhaul by doctor

8. Spiritual needs examined

7. Right thinking begins

6. Takes stock of self

5. Meets normal and happy former addicts

4. Stop taking alcohol

3. Told addiction can be arrested

2. Learns alcoholism is an illness

1. Honest desire for help


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