The Spiritual Progression Chart

(This document can be downloaded in its original form by clicking Spirutuality V Chart.)



Alcohol sedates value system, which gets indifferent, confused Weller than Well” – higher levels than believed possible
Grandiosity, perfectionism Unselfish – Goes out to others because God loves them
Intolerance of others: suspicion, distrust, argues Deeper relation to God as a loving God
Religious faith becomes shallow, childish idea of God Growth in proper concept of God
Loses interest in life, no purpose or meaning Prayer and meditation
Guilt feelings, not “at-ease” with God Serenity, peace of soul, joy
Stops daily prayer; attends church out of habit Increased tolerance of others
Nobodiness” – feels estranged, alienated, lonely Gratitude
Appreciation of spiritual values
Rebirth of ideals
Courage, optimism – new freedom
Promptly admits when wrong
Honesty: makes amends
Immaturity, some irresponsibility Return of self-esteem (God not a rescuer)
Life has no meaning False ego deflated
Anxiety, indefinable fears Humbly asks God to remove shortcomings
Resentments: angry at God, hostile to religion Reconciliation, personal relationship with God
Moral deterioration: dishonest, selfish Foregiveness: not “why did I?” but “forgive me”
Loss of faith: rejects God but longs for Him Patience: “one day at a time”
Remorse, depression, impaired thinking Appreciates possibility of new way of life
Vague spiritual desires Trust: “Thy will be done”
Gropes for spiritual meaning Conversion: “let go and let God”
Acceptance (surrender – tiebout)
*Second BOTTOM: “existential crisis”
Thirst for God examined (hard struggle for some)
Hope dawns: can be restored to sanity
New faith: “came to believe”
Vague notion of higher power
Honest desire for help
In spiritual fog
Hits BOTTOM: drinks to cope with problems of drinking ADMISSION OF THE PROBLEM

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